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национальный парк

Field expedition in 2012

In the first half of August 2012 expedition of Syktyvkar State University (SSU) explored the northern part of the Park. The route crossed upper reaches of Kozhim river – one of the biggest rivers in the Park that starts near the highest peaks of Ural range.

The main task of the expedition that consisted of professors and students of ecology from SSU was to collect cartographic materials. These data will be used for creation of topical landscape maps of Kozhim river region, including maps of disturbed areas – industrial mining sires, burnt areas, pastures and reindeer breeders camp sites.

Upper reaches of Kozhim river is extremely interesting area but not explored enough and not very popular among tourists due to absence of well-known attractions. So one of the tasks of the expedition was preparation of a descriptions of routes along tributaries of upper Kozhim. The data collected will be used for ecotrails construction and for guidebooks. The expedition explored several tributaries of Kozhim, including Bezymiannyi, Khasavarka, Kozhim-vouzh, Suraz-ruz-vouzh, Pelengichey. The expedition reached Kozhim river head and documented most interesting natural and cultural objects in the area.

Many trails in the upper reaches of Kozhim river lead through mountain passes of Ural Range to Asia, to the basins of Halmer-yu and Naroda rivers, and to Polar Ural to Lemva river in the north. The expedition crossed the border between Europe and Asia - a part of the route along Severnaya Naroda river, Zoloto-shor and Ambar-shor streams went through Siberian part of the Urals - and climbed Maly Chender and Severnoye lezvie peaks.

Several industrial mining sites developed in 1980ies were explored in the course of the expedition. These data will be used for GIS maps of the Park and the disturbed areas. It is planned to continue the work next season - the Park is large and still waits for its explorers.

Ye. Shubnitsina, Head Manager of Research projects Photo by the author